When it comes to high elevation annual inspections of buildings and structures, it generally entails completing a mass of health and safety paperwork to send someone to the roof or hiring a cherry picker to be able to take images, as part of inspection reports to document the condition of a roof, its valleys, parapets and chimney stack.

Annual Inspections are important, as it allows you to monitor areas where work has previously been carried out and also identify new issues. However, the existing methods that are used to collect the imagery is soon to be out dated, this is because there are a number of set backs with sending someone on a roof or using a cherry picker that isn’t faced by new technology.

Cherry pickers are restrictive due to their limited mechanical movement, its also time consuming to manoeuvre around a large building to photograph different areas. Sending an employee to the roof isn’t always possible due to little or no access they can also be unsafe and require large amounts of health and safety forms to be completed.

At DroneCam Solutions, our drones are able to overcome all of the above issues that the building industry has gotten used to due to the lack of alternatives. Our drones have 360 degree uninterrupted camera view with built in obstacle avoidance sensors, on our monitors we are able to see in real-time what the drone camera can see and quickly identify areas that may need further investigation.

Hiring DroneCam Solutions Ltd to collect high elevation imagery for annual inspection reports will not only save costs, but also time, whilst reducing health and safety paperwork. Sending our drones up in the air instead of an employee, will drastically cut the time spent completing health and safety reports which in turn will save time required on site produce a quicker turnaround for reports to be completed – all of which will result in an increase in productivity by as much as 50-70%.

Our drones are able to provide high resolutions imagery of a small crack on a roof tile to an entire roof in a single image, at DroneCam Solutions, we work with national construction companies and loss adjusters, through to local building contractors. We have a team of CAA Certified drone operators who are available to be on site with in 24 hours of receiving instructions and results are delivered to our clients with in 3 hours of the drone landing.

Drones being used for commercial purposes are subject to aviation law, it requires the operator to be certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and to hold a specific type of Public Liability insurance. Hiring a non-certified operator, or attempting to use a drone yourself for commercial use, can result in a £5,000 fine and up to 6 months imprisonment. If you would like to discuss hiring DroneCam Solutions to assist with your annual inspections, who are CAA Certified, you can contact us on the below details or by visiting www.dronecamsolutions.co.uk

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