I am sure you are all aware of the alleged drone activity just before christmas, that was blamed for the disruption of 1,000 flights that affected 140,000 passengers at Gatwick Airport. The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and government advised that measures will be put into place to try and prevent future risks of individuals using drones to cause a nuisance.

It has been announced that with effect from 13th March 2019, it will become illegal to operate a drone within 5km (3 miles) of an airport runway, this is a substantial increase from the current 1km (0.6 miles). I feel that reassurance is needed for companies that hire the services of DroneCam Solutions and our contemporaries, as these changes are not as clean cut as some outlets are reporting.

Some reports indicate that all drone activity within 5km of an airport will be illegal, which is not the case. CAA Certified drone companies such as DroneCam Solutions, are able to continue operating within these airport exclusion zones as long as permission is obtained by the relevant Air Traffic Control (ATC). Non-professionals such as hobbyists and individuals who are not CAA certified, are affected by the changes and can face up to 5 years imprisonment with unlimited fines, if they flout the laws.

Here are the key points to take away from the announcement:

• With effect from 13th March 2019 the exclusion zone for drones at airports, has been extended from 1km to 5km for non-CAA Certified operators

• The 5km zone is from each end of the runway and is 1km either side of the runway

• CAA Certified operators are able to continue to carry out drone operations within the exclusion zone – as long as permission is obtained from the relevant ATC prior to take off.

DroneCam Solutions are committed to adhering to the CAA regulations and continuously update our Operations Manual when required, in order to ensure that our working practices are compliant with CAA regulations, as a result, our clients are not affected by this change.

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