DroneCam Solutions Ltd CAA Permissions approved for 4th consecutive year

I am pleased to say that DroneCam Solutions Ltd have had our PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operation), approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for the 4th consecutive year.


In what has been a huge 12 months for changes to drone regulations, we have been able to detail our knowledge of the changes within our Operations Manual in order for our PFCO to be approved by the CAA. Our Permissions continue to include operating heavy lift drones and night flying, which enables us to offer a wider range of services to our clients.

It will have been hard to not have seen the press coverage about drone laws, especially since the alleged drone incident at Gatwick over the Christmas period, but the new laws have been enforced to reduce the risk of what is being referred to as ‘nuisance drones’ – whilst there are additional measures for us to take, these new laws do not restricted certified drone companies, like DroneCam Solutions, from operating drones in more restricted areas as we have passed the necessary industry requirements and the PFCO is proof of that.

When hiring a drone operator, you should always request a copy of their PFCO and valid Public Liability Insurance, if the operator cannot provide you with a PFCO they are breaking the law and it could also land you in trouble if you hire them, or operate a drone yourself for commercial use without holding a PFCO.

For more information about the services that DroneCam Solutions provide, you can get in touch by one of the following methods:

Email:             info@dronecamsolutions.co.uk

Mobile:           07891 048785 (David Bridgen – Accountable Manager)

Office:             65 Duke Street, Darlington, DL3 7SD

Web:                www.dronecamsolutions.co.uk


Best wishes,

David Bridgen

Accountable Manager – DroneCam Solutions Ltd