DroneCam Solutions Ltd have had their Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO) approved for another year by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) – So what does that mean?

If a business or individual wishes to use drones for commercial use, whether it be taking pictures of a property for sale, at a wedding, of a structure for surveying use or for a TV commercial, then every year, they are required to submit documents to the CAA to show that they are qualified and are capable of flying drones in line with aviation laws – from then, the CAA will review a case and will then approve or decline the request to be able to fly drones for commercial use.

This is the third year that DroneCam Solutions Ltd have been approved and given a PFCO by the CAA, this year, we are pleased to say that DroneCam Solutions have been given an additional permission which allows us to operate drones at night. This required us to provide an additional safety case to the CAA which was approved without any objections. Having the Night Flying permissions allows us to offer an additional view point from our drones to include coverage of events such as carnivals or fireworks.

Our PFCO already included a heavy lift permission, this allows us to fly drones which fall in the standard category of 0-7kg but also the heavy lift category of 7-20kg, which means we are able to carry multiple cameras in a single flight, with separate cameras collecting 3D mapping data, thermal and 4k quality imagery, it saves our clients even more time and money than before. DroneCam Solutions are one of only 14% of drone operators in the UK with this CAA permission.

At DroneCam Solutions, we always want to offer our clients the widest range and best services possible, by expanding our CAA Permission this allows us to continue to do so.

Our services include property photography, surveying and inspections, advertising and media and marketing photography to a range of industries. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business, please contact us for more information.

David Bridgen

Accountable Manager – DroneCam Solutions Ltd