Hot weather and roof problems – don’t let it be a pain in your asphalt!

There is no hiding from the fact it’s been the hottest summer since 1976, as a result, there has been some unexpected occurrences that the hot weather has brought with it. At DroneCam Solutions, we have been carrying out aerial inspections of land as the dry fields have been revealing centuries old features hidden under ground and we have also had a recent spike in building and roof inspections.

It is the latter that we are discussing in this post, as it doesn’t seem like long ago we were being drafted in to carry out drone inspections of roofs due to damage by the snow, and now its due to the hot weather.

Quick growing weeds can cause damage over prolonged periods of time to guttering and various types of tiles can crack or blister causing them to dislodge. It is important to keep a check on potential issues and this is the reason we have seen a spike in the past few weeks. There are also reports of asphalt roofs melting, which are leading to cracks and heat blisters. Whilst we are (mostly) enjoying the hot weather at the moment, when the weather does change, this could lead to a headache for a lot of property owners.

We all know that its better to be proactive and not reactive, having a drone inspection on the condition of your roof could save you a small fortune if it has been damaged. If it is left untreated, it could lead to water ingress and this can cause an array of additional issues, not forgetting that claims made for water ingress generally carries a bigger excess.

DroneCam Solutions can help save you both time and costs in comparison to other methods such as cherry pickers and scaffolding, we can obtain high quality imagery as part of the inspection which eliminates any risk that would be associated with sending a person onto the roof to carry out an inspection.

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