At DroneCam Solutions, we work with loss adjusters to collect high elevation imagery for insurance claims for a multitude of scenarios; this can include buildings and structures as well as catastrophic claims like flooding.

We are able to collect imagery from our unique perspective for insurance claim reports, that can provide a better insight into the damage caused and our drones enable us to access areas which may not be safe for a loss adjuster to enter, such as a building which has been left structurally unsafe following a fire, subsidence or landslip.

If the loss adjuster is present, they are able to view in real-time using our ‘drone-eye-view’ to view the damage caused, allowing them to call for action even before the drone has landed. If the loss adjuster is not present, we are able to provide the imagery via file transfer immediately after the drone has landed, which will enable the adjuster to file reports quicker, which will ultimately lead to quicker turnaround times for claims to be processed and paid.

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