Estate Agents:

Our aerial photography and videography packages are letting agents showcase large properties, farms and commercial premises in a dimension that aerial masts and light aircraft simply cannot achieve.  High net worth individuals or foreign buyers don’t always have the time to visit, certainly without having comprehensive detail of a potential investment, using our aerial services can give your client all the information and reasons they need to book a viewing.


Aerial photography is a must have tool to show real estate in its full state of grandeur. Using several aerial pictures from various well positioned angles and heights is much more user friendly to potential clients and it can greatly increase interest, this is because potential buyers can more easily envisage uses for the premises and see the property in its entirety.  Not only is this ideal for your website but it is great for marketing a property on social media, sharing our aerial videos with your captive audience can get your properties out to the mass market.

Video Tours:

Video Tours are a lot less reliant on the user having to click through a carousel of images, as they will only have to click play and the video footage will do the rest, taking them from the ground up into the air and around the property and its grounds. Did you know more videos are viewed on Facebook than YouTube? Sharing your aerial video or pictures on social media is a great way to get out to the masses.


We film using both 4k and High Definition quality results, our professionally edited videos produce a cinematic feel to them to really make the property you are marketing stand out, our high quality photography can be used on any advertising or marketing platform, whether its in a brochure or on a billboard. No matter what platform you are using it for, it is sure to grab the attention of your target audience.


If you would like to enquire as to how we can deliver amazing results to promote your venue, then you can find our details on the contact page and we will be more than happy to discuss things further.