April 24, 2019

DroneCam Solutions Ltd CAA Permissions approved for 4th consecutive year

I am pleased to say that DroneCam Solutions Ltd have had our PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operation), approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for the 4th consecutive year.   In what has been a huge 12 months for changes to drone regulations, we have been able to detail our […]
August 22, 2018

DroneCam Solutions Ltd move to new office

It doesn’t seem like long ago we moved into Business Central to make the most of their office open space facilities, we knew that using the open space was only ever going to be a temporary but useful arrangement, and now we have found a fantastic office with a great […]
May 7, 2018

Granted permissions

DroneCam Solutions Ltd have had their Permission For Commercial Operation (PFCO) approved for another year by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) – So what does that mean? If a business or individual wishes to use drones for commercial use, whether it be taking pictures of a property for sale, at a […]