If you use a drone hire company on a regular basis, you’ve probably asked yourself whether it’s more cost effective to put an existing employee through the CAA training course instead of the continuous hire charges from a drone hire company.

Of course it is! In the long run, If you base it on cost, it’s absolutely better to take the hit and pay several thousand to have an employee trained and insured. However, when making such a decision, basing this decision on cost is the last thing a company should be doing. Hiring a drone company like DroneCam Solutions is more beneficial due to events such as what has happened this week in the drone industry, here is why;

Like with a number of industries, there is a mass of ever-changing legislation which a CAA certified drone company is required to adhere to, when using a drone hire company like DroneCam Solutions, the onus is on us to ensure we are fully up to date on legislation in respect of the Air Navigation Order (ANO) and any urgent notifications from the CAA. When training your own staff, this brings the onus in-house and will undoubtedly increase workloads and costs relating to safe practices, health & safety and liability insurance as well as ensuring that your staff are fully aware of factors affecting the way they are able to work with drones.

This week, a fault has been identified with a microchip inside both the tb50 & tb55 batteries that are used by two of the most popular and advanced professional drones – the DJI Inspire 2 & DJI M200 series. These drones are used across the industry for filmmaking through to building inspections, the M200 is also popular with the emergency services. The manufacturer, DJI – who are the largest drone manufacturer in the world, has advised that there is a possibility, albeit small, that these drones may ‘drop out of the sky’ due to the fault. It has forced the manufacturer to release a notice to say they should be flown with caution and the Civil Aviation Authority have imposed a ban on using the aforementioned drones with the tb50/55 batteries within 150 metres of a congested area until further notice. Due to the issue with the batteries, drone insurance providers have stated that drone operators must adhere to the notices issued by the CAA and DJI otherwise insurance claims could be void.

When hiring a drone company like DroneCam Solutions, we operate with a number of drones for different applications and as back up’s, we also regularly check for updates and notices from the authorities to ensure that we are aware of changes to the drone legislation but also for rare occurrences where warnings, like the above, have to be issued. Its for these reasons that when deciding whether to have an existing employee trained to the CAA standards, there are a number of other factors that should be seriously considered and prioritised over cost that could make it more beneficial to hire a drone company to undertake the aerial work for you.

Both DJI and the microchip manufacturer are working to fix this fault and we are awaiting further information before operating these drones – in the mean time, DroneCam Solutions Ltd have other drones in the fleet which we are able to use so that our clients are not affected.

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The DroneCam Solutions team