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Benefits of drones when surveying

You may have read about the regulations around UAS’s (Unmanned Aerial Systems) – or drones as they’re commonly known – on our previous post called ‘Utilising drone technology – For Surveyors. You may now be wondering what the advantages of drone technology are when creating a survey report of a building or structure.

The need…

As part of the Condition or Dilapidation report, it is likely that you will require images of high elevation walls and the roof area. However, there may be issues with this as the building in question could be a city centre building with little to no roof access, or an industrial unit with difficult access to the sides and rear.

The options…

Traditional methods, such as using a MEWP or camera mast are popular choices when there is little or no roof access, but both options have set backs. Using a MEWP means you’re working at height and with both options you have restricted views – preventing you from obtaining detailed images and potentially leaving some areas unseen. Dependent on location, you may also have to apply for path/road closures when using MEWP’s, which can quickly rack up the costs and time spent planning with local authorities.

With the advancements in drone technology, surveyors are now looking at utilising drone companies such as DroneCam Solutions, to capture high elevation walls and roof areas as an alternative method and here’s why..

The benefits…

Drones can offer an uninterrupted 360 view of the roof space thanks to their easy manoeuvrability, allowing them to get around the back of a chimney stack or to the end of a valley. The majority of drones have multiple built in obstacle avoidance sensors to prevent the drone from having a collision with any protruding parts, enabling the drone operator to get close to the building or structure in a safe manner. Working at Height is no longer required and in the vast majority of cases, path closures are not needed. 

A typical drone inspection may take between 30 to 90 minutes, so not only are you saving on time required on site, you’re also saving on costs whilst keeping safety at work a priority.

Example of a drone inspection where there was no roof access and traditional methods were not suitable or cost effective.

The one to call…

DroneCam Solutions are proud to be appointed as a preferred provider of drone services by several national and regional property management companies and surveyors. Most of whom trialled our services and quickly realised the benefits in the results we provide. We’re proud to have achieved a 5* google rating and you can see some of the kind words our clients have said about us by visiting our testimonials page.

For more information about DroneCam Solutions Ltd, please visit our inspection and surveying page or contact us.