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Time Lapse Imagery

“DroneCam Solutions Ltd not only provide an aerial photography service, we also provide Time-lapse photography for short to long term projects.”
David Bridgen

We have listened to our client’s needs and this service has been an addition to our drone services due to client demand – we have invested in top of the range network cameras with remote access for our clients to view and download time lapse imagery at any point throughout the project with ease a desktop, laptop or even a mobile phone.

Our 4G network cameras provides you with 4k/12mp imagery and the time lapse imagery can be viewed 24/7. The network cameras we provide you with has its own independent broadband and operates on a high-speed network which is pre-configured.

Time Lapse Imagery Services across the North East

Our time lapse cameras are solar powered so there is no requirement for a power supply and they will be fixed in a pre-arranged location on site, whilst the cameras are static, the angles of them can be altered manually should they need to be. We can provide you with one or multiple cameras to capture the development from different angles which could enhance the finished time lapse imagery or video.

You will have your own customised client portal to view the photos and video and we will store a back-up of every image in the unlikely event that there are any issues with your portal. You will also be provided with a link to the footage that can be embedded to your website – is updated in real-time and can be a great feature to have on your website.

At the end of the project, you will be presented with a time lapse video of the full project, where the imagery has been captured every 30 minutes, should you have multiple cameras on site, this footage can be edited by us to blend the videos together for an impressive marketing tool.

To discuss your Time-Lapse Photography requirements, you can contact us and please don’t forget to check out our gallery for aerial images and the showreel for fly through videos we have previously done.