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Operational Authorisation granted for a further 12 months

DroneCam Solutions Ltd have had an annual review of our Operations Manual completed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), who have given Operational Authorisation for a further 12 months for the 8th consecutive year.

What is an Operational Authorisation?

Operational Authorisation (or OA), has been known as various titles over the last 8 years, it was originally Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW), before changing to Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO), which then evolved to become what is now known as an OA.

The purpose of an OA is to prove to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that the drone operator has a solid knowledge of all that encompasses drone laws and regulations, air safety and airworthiness, as well as safety and emergency procedures.

Aviation law, rules and regulations

As with many sectors, rules and regulations in the drone industry change regularly. This is to keep up to date with evolving technology and acknowledgement of case studies, where there has been both positive and negative outcomes. By documenting these changes in the Operations Manual, it shows that the drone operator keeps up to date with the latest recommended practices to ensure safety of both the user, other airspace users and members of the public.

City scape from a recent roof inspection in London

The review

After a review by the CAA, the Operations Manual used by DroneCam Solutions Ltd has been approved with no amendments required. This is testament to our core values of ensuring safe flying and understanding of aviation law, surrounding the rules and regulations of unmanned aircraft.

Why DroneCam Solutions Ltd

DroneCam Solutions Ltd, provide drone services to the construction, building inspection, building surveying and property marketing industries and are the preferred provider of drone services to a growing number of regional and national companies. Based in Darlington, North East England, we provide a nationwide service and are 5 star rated by our clients on Google. If you would like more information on the drone services we provide, you can contact us here.

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